Sydney Small Business Consulting

Small business consulting solutions for all of your business problems

Do you need business consulting services in Sydney? With over 20 years in general management including 15 years building his own successful business from scratch, you need Bruce Josephs to assist you with your Sydney business. He is now offering the knowledge he has gained as business consulting services to help you through the issues that you face as a business owner and manager. He will help you find solutions for all your business concerns.

Do you need a small business consultant, a mentor, advisor, coach or someone who can assist and support you and your enterprise not just succeed but prosper? Do you want someone who has helped to make not just small business succeed but large corporations as well? My business and I can help you and your businesses succeed and find solutions to any business problems.

Together, we can come up with a plan for your business that includes all areas of your business. Together, we will go through a process of research with you and through whatever resources are necessary to obtain the information to then make forward looking decisions. This may include developing a business model, strategy, mission, vision and values, work out structure for your business going forward, and allocate resources for sales/marketing and ancillary disciplines. A plan though is only as good as its implementation. Unlike many consultants, we do not just give you a plan. We also train and support you through the process.

Are you looking to increase profit and/or profitability? Have a great idea but don't know where to start? Want to grow your brand, but not sure how to go about it? Concerned about compliance issues? Have a great idea but not sure how to finance it or how to protect your company's IP?

Need a small business consultant? It all starts with a phone call!

Start Up / Strategy

We determine and create the best strategy and structure, business planning, mission, vision, values, chart of accounts, website, logo, digital stationery, etc for your new venture. We assist in obtaining ACN, ABN, appropriate phone numbers, domains, etc. We will train/coach you on how to move forward.


We help you to determine and implement an appropriate marketing strategy. We create your website, social media and traditional channels. We provide training so that you can use the systems. Learn the skills for marketing your small business.


We assist you with your IT requirements. – We help with hardware setup, software setup and training, Excel, Word, Access, Photoshop, Programming. We create your WordPress website and internet presence and provide SEO (search engine optimisation) so that you are easily found on the web. We automate repetitive tasks, saving you money it the long term.


We provide business strategy and accounting and MYOB support for small business. We can help you to understand your accounts to know if you are profitable or not and where you need to focus to improve your situation. we will provide consulting services and training and support for all your accounting needs.


We provide training for small business in strategy, accounting, IT and marketing as well as IT including Excel, Word, Access, Photoshop, Wordpress and MYOB. Receive training from people who understand your small business.


We improve the language used on your website, making it more persuasive and at the same time appealing to web browsers. This is extremely useful for people of non English speaking backgrounds. We also setup multilingual websites if desired.